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Here's some crap that's on my mind.

21 October 1980
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I'm generally a pretty laid back guy, unless my nerd rage is provoked. Which is often. More than likely, my journal will serve as an outlet for the aforementioned nerd rage, hopefully with the result that I am mildly pleasant to be around in the real world. At least that's what my wife thinks, and she's usually right. Not a day goes by in which she won't plaintively ask if I'm done going on about the loose interpretation of physics in regards to Deep Space Nine, or if it's absolutely neccessary to have a replica Green Lantern Ring as my wedding band.

I'm just kidding, none of that is true...she is more than patient regarding my nerdery, her ardent refusal to let me DM a campaign in our house notwithstanding. I mean c'mon, I spent MONTHS laying out a long abandoned mine on graphing paper, naming each and every Drau that populated the hive within the mine, and I even called wizards of the coast and waited on hold for three hours to ask if it was legal to imbue a potion with PERMANENT giant strength. Turns out, no, but their rules suck anyway; I miss GURPS.

But I digress; this will pretty much be a huge nerd fiesta, so if you're game, buckle up the chin strap, it's gonna be fun.